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Web Site and Online Design Services

Do you need a professional looking web site? Or maybe a banner ad or other online marketing material?

While reptiles are my passion, web and online design are my profession. Please feel free to contact me anytime at and we can discuss your online design needs. Whether you need an entire web site designed from scratch or maybe just a small animated banner ad I can get the job done.


Custom banners are available in any size, both static and animated. Prices are based on the size of the banner and whether it is static or animated. I also have package deals available based on Kingsnake's banner advertising options. For a complete list of pricing please e-mail me at

Web Site Design

Each and every web site that I design is different and unique. I do not use pre-made templates or any kind of cookie-cutter software. I design the general layout of each site and all graphics in Adobe Photoshop and then put everything together in HTML using Dreamweaver. Flash elements and animated gifs are also available if you choose to implement them into your web site.

After your site is up and running I am also available to make changes and updates to it as needed. If you need me to completely maintain your web site that is an option as well, with monthly payment plans available to suit your individual needs.


The average reptile related web site generally costs somewhere between $500–$1500 depending on your individual needs, however this could vary greatly depending on what you are looking for.

Here are some guidelines that I use to provide a fairly accurate estimate:
1. How large the site needs to be. Specifically, how many pages it needs to include (please let me know what these pages should be if possible, i.e., an about page, contact page, gallery page, etc.).
2. Whether you already have a logo or other custom graphics or if you need everything designed from scratch.
3. Whether you already have a domain name and hosting plan or if you need me to set that up.
4. How much photography you want to use on your site (i.e. for a gallery section). (I custom color correct and crop all photos to fit the needs of your site.)
5. If you are able to supply the photography or if you need me to provide it. Obviously I will not be able to take pictures of your animals unless you happen to live in close proximity to me, but I can take pictures of animals or other items that I have for things like general photography or non-specific illustrations.
6. If there will be any special animation or Flash design included in the site.

If you are interested in getting an estimate for a web site send me an e-mail outlining the above guidelines and I will prepare an estimate for you.

I generally require a 25-50% deposit for each project before I will begin work, depending on the size of the project. Once you have approved a design for your web site another 25% of the total cost is due and upon completion the remainder is due.


I am sometimes open to full or partial trades in return for design work. If we agree on a trade the animal(s) must be shipped before I will begin work.

I will currently consider trades for:
ball python morphs
high-end Rhacodactylus geckos

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